Masonry Drills

ITM's Carbide Tipped Masonry Drills are Manufactured From Alloy Steel, have Ground Flutes, are in Bright Finish and Combined With ITM's unique Brazing and Treatment process Results in Withstanding Shock and Outstanding Resistance to Wear During its use.

TYPE : ITM Masonry Drills are available in three Categories. Standard, Delux and Super Granato

Size Range : 3mm to 13mm : 1/8" to 1/2" in all three Categories.

Standard Masonry Drills : Suitable for all General Purpose. Available in 10 Pcs Packing.

Deluxe Masonry Drills : Specially Developed for use on tougher Material like Stonework, Concrete and Marble etc.

Super Granato : Brazed With Superior Grade of Carbide Tip for Exclusive use on Granites. Available in Single pc Packing.