HSS Twist Drills

ITM offers a extensive range of standard and special twist drills in different grades of HSS, available in various diameters.


TYPE : Parallel Shank Stub Series, Jobber Series, Long Series, Taper Shank Drills, Core Drills, Extra long drills with Parallel & Taper Shank, Combined drills and countersinks(Centre drills), Taper Pin Drills, Shell drills, Special Drills etc.

Size Range : Parallel Shank Twist Drills: 0.3mm - 31.5mm, 3/64" - 1.15/64" Taper Shank Drills : 3.0mm - 102mm : 1/8" - 4" Max OAL - 2000mm

Material : HSS-M2

Note :- Drills can be supplied as per specific Customers needs on Request as follow:

  • Intermediate Diameters.
  • Non Standard and Special Drills.
  • In different grade of HSS like M35, M42 etc.
  • Various surface coating like TiN, TiAIN etc.
  • Special Geometry to suit various applications.