Hss Reamers

Avilable in a Wide Range of Diameters And Manufactured to Suit Specific Reaming Operations to Provide Perfect Accuracy And Optimum Surface Finish.

TYPE : Parallel Hand Reamers, Long Fluted Machine Reamers, Chucking Reamers With Parallel Shank or taper Shank, Bridge Reamers, Taper pin Reamers, Socket Reamers, Machine Jig Reamers, Centre Reamers Shell Reamers Etc.

Size Range :3.0mm - 76.2mm : 1/8" - 3"

Material : HSS - M2

Note : Reamers Can Also be Supplial as per Specific Customers Needs as Follows :

  • Non Standard And Special As Per Customers Drawings.
  • Intermediate Diameters.
  • In Different Grades Of HSS Like M35, M42 etc.
  • Various Surface Coating Like Tin, TiAIN ets