HSS Screwing Taps

Available in a Wide Range of Sizes, Types And Combinations.

TYPE : Hand and Short Machine Taps, Long Shank Machine Taps, Nut Taps Pipe Taps, BSW, BSF, UNC, NC, NF, NGT and special Taps.

Size Range :3mm - 100mm : 1/8" - 4"

Material : HSS - M2

Note : Taps can be Supplied as per Customer Needs on Request as Follows :

  • Serial or non Serial
  • Individual Pieces or tn Sets
  • Different Type of Flute Like Straight, Helical, Spiral, Spiral Point & Fluteless
  • In Different Grades Of HSS Like M35, M42 etc.
  • Various Surface Coating Like Tin, TiAIN ets
  • Special Taps as Per Customer' s Drawing.