High Performance Drills

'ITM' s HSS Taper Shank Ground Fluted HIGH PERFORMANCE DRILLS are Manufactured on Special Purpose Machine by Using State - of - the - art Technology, Capable of Producing

  • Absolute surface finish on flute & clearance diameter
  • Consistency & Repeatability on tool Geometry
  • Optimum Hardness Retained Throughout.

By Enabling :

  • Higher Operational speed & feed than conventional Drills.
  • More numbers of holes per resharpening due to smooth chip flow resulting in faster heat dissipation.

High Performance Drills Are Versatile on Various Types of Material Having Hardness Ranging Upto 30HRC.

Being Fully Ground Finish Drills Enables Better Uniformity of Surface Coating like TiN, TIAIN Etc. Which Enhances Tool Life.

HIGH PERFORMANCE DRILLS are Available off Shelf in Sizes of 9mm to 20mm : 23/64" to 25/32".