Jigsaw & Reciprocating Blades

BIPICO offers only industrial quality saw blades in normal all hard and high speed edge bimetal saw blades types. The blades are used for straight cutting profile cutting of materials ranging from wood, plastic to metals. We manufacture blades suitable for the machines of various brands.

The bimetal blades have a high speed steel cutting edge welded to a tough, flexible back. This combination provides long life and makes them virtually unbreakable.

These blades are used in hand-held power tools and are often subjected to twisting and bending. We also offer a line of carbon steel jigsaw blades, mainly for wood cutting, that use a good value for the occasional user.

Our variable pitch blades will cut a wider section of materials and thicknesses than constant pitch blades.

Special purpose reciprocating blades include scroll cutting, plaster cutting and carbide grit saws. Special purpose jigsaw blades include blades for smooth wood cutting, carbon steel blades for wood cutting and also flush cutting, scroll cutting and carbide grit saws.

Choosing a reciprocating or jigsaw blade:

BIPICO Bimetal High Speed Steel Blades will cut and saw any material (wood, metal, plastic) so you don't have to choose a wood cutting saw or a metal cutting saw, etc. First, decide the length of saw you need for your job.

Then refer to the cutting guide for the cross section you intend to cut and choose the pitch.

Cutting Guide

Size (inch)
Inch mm Use Pitch
5/16-2 1/2 8-63 6
7/32-2 1/2 6-63 6-10 Fastcut
5/32-1 7/8 4-48 8-12 Fastcut
7/32-1 1/2 6-38 10
5/32-1 1/2 4-38 10-14 Fastcut
5/32-1 4-25 14
1/8-7/8 3-22 18
3/32-5/8 2.5-16 24
1/16-7/16 1.6-11 32

Jigsaw And Reciprocating Saw Blades

Bipico as on today manufacture Equivalent Jigsaw Blades for Bosch, Metabo, AEG, Hitachi, Black & Decker, Skil, Stanley and Makita Machines.

Reciprocating Blades 1/2" Universal Shank for Bosch, Black & Decker, Hitachi & Ingersolrand Machines

Wood Cutting Blades
Bipico Code Size
S4505 LAS 150X15.8X0.80X14T
S4502 LAS 150X15.8X0.80X24T
S4511 LAS 150X15.8X0.80X6T
Metal Cutting Blades
S4001 HSS 100X15.8X0.8X32T
S4002 HSS 100X15.8X0.8X24T
S4015 HSS 150X15 : 8X0.8X24T
S4004 HSS 100X15.8X0.8X18T
S4017 HSS 150X15.8X0.8X18T
S4005 HSS 100X15 : 8X0.8X14T
S4018 HSS 150X15 : 8X0.8X14T
S4020 HSS 200X15.8X0.8X10T
S4518 HSS 200X15.8X0.8X14T
S4102 HSS 75X15.8X0.8X18T
S4101 HSS 75X15.8X0.8X14T


Hacksaw Frame

The Best Quality Hacksaw Frame

Featuring a Zinc Die cast handle.

Tubular frame is very rigid & reduce operator's fatigue drastically.

G.P. Saw


  • 10 TPI >> Cutting non-ferrous, ferrous bars, sections, angles, channels, cables, asbestos sheets etc.
  • 14 TPI >> Cutting sheets, galvanised pipes, PVC pipes, cement pipes, Ceramic pipes & other thinner sections.
  • 6 TPI >> Cutting hard wood
  • 4 TPI >> Cutting soft wood

IT Incprporates Several Unique Features

Nine Adjustable Angles.

The blade can be quickly positioned and locked at any of nine different angles. This makes the saw ideal for cutting in awkward or Difficult To Reach positions.

No Loose Parts.

The wing nut which locks the blade cannot be separated from the handle, thus eliminating problems of loss or misplacement.

Sawing in Confined Places.

The special tapered edged of the blade facilitates sawing in confined places.

Minimum Sawing Fatigue

The raker set teeth prevent jamming and cut smoothly. The perfect balance of the saw, the adjustable angles and the comfortable grip of the die-cast handle all ensure minimum sawing fatigue.

Shatter Proof

Easy Blade Replacement.

The Blade is tough and hard-wearing but in the event of its having to be replaced, a new blade can be fitted in seconds.

Spare Blades are Readily Available

All these unique features add up to invaluable tool for automobile workshops, small factories, electrical engineering industries, building contractors, carpenters, households, farms and gardens.