Super Abrasives

Resin Bond

Wendt offers widest range of Resin Bond Diamond/ CBN wheels conforming to FEPA standards from 5mm to 675mm diameter for different Industries / Applications.


  • Rotary Tools
  • Cutting Tool Industries
  • Printing and Paper Roll grinding
  • Ceramic and Tile grinding
  • Wood Working Tools
  • Creep Feed grinding
  • Notch and Slot grinding
  • Tungsten Carbide Roll grinding
  • Tool Resharpening / Restoring
  • Optical Profile grinding
  • Double Disc grinding
  • Centreless grinding

Dimension / Specification

Sr.No. Item Code Type Fepa / Wendt Dia. (D) (mm) Width (U) DI (x) Height (T) Grit Size
1 WCH 01 11V9 / 540A 100 2 10 35 D126
2 WCH 02 11V9 / 540A 100 2 10 35 D76
3 WCH 03 11A2 / 534A 100 10 2 35 D126
4 WCH 04 1A1 / 510A 150 12 2 - D126
5 WCH 05 12A2 / 536A 125 6 1.5 15 D126
6 WCH 06 12A2 / 536A 125 6 1.5 15 D76
7 WCH 07 1A1 / 510A 300 12 3 - D126
8 WCH 08 1A1 / 510A 150 12 3 - D126
9 WCH 09 12A2 / 536A 125 3 2 15 D126

All Wendt Resin Bonded Diamond Wheels will Be manufactured in 75 Conc.

Bore size for all Wheels will be 31.75mm

Metal Bond

Metal Bond wheels are meant for high resistance to wear applications and tend to give particularly long life. The .


  • Ceramic and Refractory grinding
  • Glass Industry
  • Tile grinding
  • TC Roll grinding
  • Rotary Tools grinding
  • Automotive and Construction Glass grinding
  • Flute grinding
  • Centreless grinding
  • Wheel Dressing
  • Concrete / RCC Core Drilling
  • Precision Component Form grinding
  • Profile grinding
  • Periphery grinding of inserts
  • Grinding of PCD and PCBN

In addition, we offer the most exclusive range of Metal Bond Diamond / CBN Wheels and Tools for customer specific critical applications.

Hybrid Wheels

The New Generation Grinding Wheels

The trend in Carbide Drill / Endmill manufacturers is clearly towards high productivity and consistent quality. This has put great demands on the Diamond wheel manufacturers to come up with wheels which can grind faster, put less strain on the machine and Job that is being ground.

WENDT offers a perfectly matched range of products that allow you to take full advantage of the CNC machine to manufacture your cutting tools. These wheels are made of a new generation HYBRID bond.

Hybrid Wheels ensure higher material removal without compromising on the surface finish, while ensuring considerable reduction in cycle times. These wheels can be used for both Fresh tool manufacturing and re-sharpening, on CNC Tool and Cutter Grinders.

Vitrified Bond

The advantage of the Vitrified Bond is the excellent cutting ability and profile retention, Coolant transportation combined with good wear.

Wendt has developed numerous bond systems designed for precision applications to achieve high performance. We support with perfect Vitrified bond CBN/Diamond tools for intricate forms based upon your exact requirements.

Vitrified Bond Diamond/CBN Wheels conforming to FEPA Standard are available ranging from 2mm to 750mm in diameter for Industries / Applications.


  • Automotive parts grinding
  • Paper Manufacturing Industry
  • Bearing Industry
  • Aerospace industry
  • Turbine Industry
  • Grinding of PCD and PCBN
  • Profile grinding of TC threading plates
  • OD grinding of Printing Rolls, Shafts and Rods
  • Flat grinding of Ceramic components
  • Flat, OD and ID grinding operations of various parts
  • Grinding of Camshafts and Crankshafts
  • Finishing of turbine parts

We offer exclusive range of Vitrified Bond Diamond / CBN Wheels and Tools for customer specific critical applications.

Electroplated (Galvanic) Bond

Electroplated grinding tools stand out due to extraordinary good cutting ability with intricate shapes. The Electroplated tools can be re-plated several times, which balances the low life of the tools.

Wendt has developed numerous small and large complex profiles Electroplated Bond wheels with high precision profile geometry. They come with many advantages like- Single grit layer in an extremely stable bond, Extremely high grinding performance and High geometric stability.

Galvanic Diamond/CBN Wheels are offered conforming to FEPA Standards ranging from 0.5mm to 650mm in diameter


  • Automotive Industries
  • Aerospace Industries
  • Carbide industry
  • Ceramic industry
  • Medicine industry
  • Dental industry
  • Internal grinding
  • Slot grinding
  • Profile grinding
  • Grinding of green and sintered tungsten carbide
  • Grinding of ceramic
  • Grinding of brake coverings
  • Cutting of reinforced rubber mouldings
  • Grinding of factitious knee joint
  • Profiling of rubber-bonded grinding pins
  • Pins for dentists and dental technicians

In addition, we offer the range of Electroplated Bond Diamond / CBN Wheels and Tools for customer specific critical applications.

Rotary Diamond Dresser

Rotary Diamond Dressers and Form Rolls Wendt offers High Precision Rotary Diamond dressers and Form Rolls to shape grinding wheels at shortest possible time. These dressers are offered profiling the simplest workpiece to the most complicated shape with required precision demands.


  • Tool making Industry
  • Crank Shafts & Camshafts
  • Piston Rings
  • Oil Seals
  • Rocker arm Guides
  • Valves & Valve Needles
  • Water Pumps
  • Gears, Gear Shafts & Pinion Gears
  • Clutch Bearings & Clutch Release Rings
  • Piston Rods, Piston Valves, Guide Valves, Rotary Piston & Rotor Shafts

Dressing Blocks

Dressing Blocks are ideal alternatives to Rotary Dressing Wheels in applications where mechanical dressing is considered as un-economical. These can be mounted by using simple attachments to machines. Wendt also offers dressing solutions customer specific applications


Honing is a low- speed, high- pressure surface finishing operation in which stock is removed by the cutting action of abrasive grit embedded in one or more honing stones.

Wendt offers Honing sticks, made from CBN or Diamond. Wendt possess, under one roof, all the resources necessary to develop and build unique honing tools/sticks that address the longstanding customer problems and ultimately improve product performance.


  • Cylinder Block Honing
  • Connecting Rod Honing
  • Fuel Injection Parts Honing
  • Gear Bore Honing
  • Gun Barrel Honing
  • Liner Honing
  • Rocker Arm Honing
  • Hydraulic Tube Honing

Wendt also offers the range of Diamond / CBN Hones for customer specific applications

Dressing Tools and Wear Parts

Stationary Dressers

Wendt offers stationary diamond dressing tools with general shapes and dimension which covers


  • Single point dressers
  • Profile dressers
  • Multipoint dressers
  • Blade dressers
  • Diamond chisels
  • Monocrystalline dresser
  • Poly Crystalline Diamond dresser

Wear Parts

Wendt offers customized PCD wear parts and PCD / PCBN Tooling solutions to its Customers specific machines standards and applications.

Brazed Products – CHATUR

Brazed Tools come with extremely strong, wear-resistant bond which significantly enhances tool life.

Wendt Brazed tools are manufactured with the unique, state-of-art brazed bonding system, under controlled atmospheric condition. Wendt Brazed tools have greater chip clearance, faster cutting and reduced heat build-up.

These products find application in- Ophthalmic Lens, Granite / Marble, Composites , Fired and pre-fired Ceramics, Construction and Plastics Industry.

Diamond Segments and Pellets

Wendt Segmented Diamond products are ideal for grinding materials like refractories, ceramics, tiles, brake lining etc. These are used on vertical / horizontal spindle surface grinders for higher material removal.