Non Superabrasives


Wendt manufactures high-precision grinding machines for specialized grinding applications.

CNC Rotary Surface Grinders WRS- 300, WRS- 600 (Vertical/ Horizontal)


Precision grinding of Auto Components, Valves, Ceramics & Refractory Parts, Dies and Moulds etc.

Wheel Profiling Machines

WDM 8P, WDM8V, WDM 15, WDM25


Dressing and Profiling of Straight and Convex Diamond or CBN Grinding Wheels.


  • Ergonomically designed
  • Operator friendly
  • Rigid design
  • Precision work and wheel life
  • Customized spindle front nose

CNC Tungsten Carbide Roll Grinder – D 506


For grinding of Circular Groves of various profiles in TC Rings.


  • Powered by Siemens Controls
  • For grinding of Circular Groves of various profiles
  • Custom-built Grinding Cycle
  • On-line Measurement of Groves
  • Supplied with Custom-built Coolant System
  • On-line wheel calibration

CNC Tungsten Carbide Ring & Roller Entry Guide Rolls Grinder – WGM Series

For grinding of outer diameter and pass profile of Tungsten Carbide Rings & Roller Entry Guide Rolls in wire rod mills.

  • Powered by Siemens Controls
  • Regrinding of TC Rings / Guide Rolls
  • Custom-built grinding cycle

Tungsten Carbide Roll Grinder – WTC Ecoline

For grinding outer diameter and pass profile of Tungsten Carbide Rolls & total grinding solution for Ring Grinding shop.


External & Plunge Grinding of pass profiles on Tungsten Carbide Ring

Notching & Branding Machine -Wencut 405

For Milling of Notches on Tungsten Carbide Rings.


  • User-friendly and custom-built screens for various methods of Notching
  • Quick selection of various types of programmes for notching / re-notching
  • Suitable with custom built PCD Tools & Accessories to enhance productivity

CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine - Precigrind

For Cylindrical Grinding of Precision Parts


  • Journal for 2 wheelers.
  • Fully adjustable spindle and stroking speeds
  • Camshaft and crankshaft
  • OD and face grinding of transmission and gear shaft Hydraulic parts
  • Sleeves and bushes

Delapena Honing Machines - Powerhone

Wendt India, in technical collaboration with Delapena Honing Machines, UK offers these machines that are equipped with automatic feed, for large and heavy components in small / medium sized batches and prototypes. Suitable for both Through and Blind bores while ensuring excellent stock removal rates. These compact machines are designed for durability efficiency and economical honing.


  • Vertical Honing
  • Fully adjustable spindle and stroking speeds
  • Accurate and repeatable stroking movement
  • Hydraulic stroking motor
  • Bore diameter range- 25.4mm to 900mm
  • Integrated worktable
  • Automatic feed system supplied as standard

Delapena Honing Machines – E 1000/S & E 2000/S

Ideal for small to medium size batches. Machine comes with numerical control system for delivering precise, efficient and repeatable honing process for wide range of components.

Machine stability is ensured by rigid module plate design, providing repeatability of stroke and size, for accurate bore geometry across a wide range of applications.


  • Horizontal Honing
  • Fully adjustable spindle and stroking speeds
  • Automatic start cycle procedure
  • Rigid tray design
  • Bore diameter range- 1.14mm to 120mm
  • Stroke lengths of 3mm to 320mm
  • Manual operations for small batches and prototypes

Delapena Honing Machines – Speedhone EM & EA

The automated version of these horizontal honing machines ensures high volume, batch production and applications where high stock removal rates are required.

The manual version is ideal for small batch production and prototypes. Fully adjustable spindle speeds, stroking speeds and stone pressures facilitate the smallest mandrel or the greatest rate of stock removal.

Delapena Honing Machines – Speedhone EAS


  • Adjustable spindle speeds, stroking speeds and stone pressure
  • Lightweight safety interlock guard
  • Ergonomically positioned operating controls

Delapena Honing Machines – E 3500S

A versatile machine with tool expansion and stroking speeds through servo drive with Siemens control Systems.

This machine has a stroke of 500mm with diameter ranging from 3-25mm with rotary indexing table and in process gauging as optional.


  • Hydraulic Spool Valve Body
  • Connecting Rods
  • Gears
  • Fuel Injection Parts
  • Turbo Housings
  • Sleeves
  • Bushes, etc.

Delapena Honing Machines – E 3500TS


  • Twin spindle vertical honing machine
  • Adjustable spindle speed
  • Stroking and expansion through ball screw
  • Vertical slide moves on a pair of LM guideway system


  • Gears
  • Turbo housing
  • Hydraulic spool
  • Valve body
  • Cylinder block/ liners
  • Connecting rods
  • Sleeves and bushes
  • Fuel injection parts